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The NEW RFQ Marketplace
Fabricating.com helps U.S. Suppliers find more qualified leads to create, expand or diversify their customer base. Our SourceNow platform puts you in front of live RFQ opportunities from qualified U.S. Buyers precisely when they need your capabilities. From one secure location, you can respond to RFQs, communicate with Buyers, and review engineering documentation and CAD files. With this information at your fingertips, you can manage RFQs and standardize sourcing procedures with ease, leaving plenty of time to focus on day-to-day manufacturing operations.
How Does it Work?

Fabricating.com analyzes each RFQ posted online and automatically flags a qualified Supplier when the opportunity precisely matches their expertise, capacity, and machine assets. Based on the detailed engineering documentation provided, Suppliers use the same paperless system to quote for the job. If you are looking to minimize machine downtime, maximize productivity, and broaden your revenue stream, Fabricating.com is the business partner for you.

Tame Your RFQ Process Today

Time is money for contract manufacturers, and Fabricating.com has the tools to streamline your RFQ process. Using the online SourceNow platform, productivity increases as you collaborate and communicate with your customer base more efficiently. You have on-demand access to RFQ requirements and design-to-manufacturing details, as well as archived bids and historical data. Best of all, you don't need an IT staff to support this world-class sourcing system. There are no software installations, backups, or other high-dollar maintenance costs.

Analyze and Bid on RFQs Communicate With Buyers
Fabricating.com helps Suppliers find the highly-qualified, high-margin leads they need to grow their business.
Spark Your Growth Now

With nothing more than an Internet connection and a standard browser, you can start looking for potential business after a few simple steps. First, you register and create an attractive company profile that is visible to all Buyers, and includes a comprehensive description of your capabilities, facility and work samples. Now you are ready to search, browse and review open-market RFQs targeting your special capabilities and assets. For multi-line RFQs, you can vie for business on one element or the entire job.

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