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Now is the time to join the ranks of the best contract manufacturers in the country at Fabricating.com - custom built to serve U.S. Suppliers ONLY! We are ready to help you showcase your business and quality manufacturing services. Our online marketplace connects you to U.S. Buyers and provides an easy way to analyze and bid on RFQs. At the end of the day, our Buyers and Suppliers are proud to say their parts and products are Made in the USA.

And there is more good news. Many multinational manufacturers are rethinking their business strategies and logistics, and moving manufacturing and assembly operations back to America. We are anxious to help them connect with U.S. Suppliers at Fabricating.com. We all know that producing products closer to the customer reaps big bottomline benefits such as better client communications, leaner inventories, and strategic product development for even better products Made in the USA.

Made in the USA Land of the Buyers, Home of Suppliers

We urge you to take an active role in revitalizing America's manufacturing base. Whether you need to build a customer pipeline or expand your current client base, the Fabricating.com marketplace opens the door to new business possibilities. We are standing by to introduce you to our Land of Buyers, when an RFQ opportunity precisely matches your expertise, capacity, and machine assets. Get started today by signing up and completing your Company Profile.

Fabricating.com can help companies:
Create new supplier networks and bring manufacturing home,
Support Buy American provision requirements
Aid State MEPs with “Made in YourState” initiatives
Verify the “country-of-origin” labelling concept for products sold in America.
Call (201) 345-5229 or email us.

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