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What is Fabricating.com?

Fabricating.com is an online marketplace connecting U.S. Buyers and Suppliers of custom-made parts.
How Does Fabricating.com work?

At Fabricating.com, U.S. Buyers post their requirements for custom parts or assemblies in the form of Request for Quote (RFQ). U.S. Suppliers with the right assets and capacity respond to those RFQs with detailed bids.
Who uses Fabricating.com?

Purchasing professionals and engineers use the Fabricating.com marketplace to produce custom-made products, parts and assemblies from aerospace components to furniture to machinery. Fabricating.com enables U.S. Buyers to source for U.S. Suppliers who meet their quality, delivery and price requirements.

Contract manufacturers, ranging from assembly facilities to machine shops, use Fabricating.com to gain access to RFQ opportunities, present their unique capabilities and expertise to Buyers, and earn potential new business.
Why would I use Fabricating.com?

Fabricating.com is a complete sourcing solution for U.S. Buyers of custom-made parts.
Fabricating.com guides you through the RFQ process with an easy-to-use wizard. The intelligent system connects you to experienced Suppliers with the capabilities to meet your manufacturing requirements. And, Fabricating.com provides an efficient, paperless platform to communicate with your supply chain and manage the sourcing process with ease.

For Suppliers, Fabricating.com provides a powerful platform to find and develop new business opportunities, and to manage Buyer relationships effectively. Suppliers can consolidate quotes and standardize procedures using the Fabricating.com system.
Why do I have to register on Fabricating.com?

Fabricating.com is a serious, business-to-business sourcing platform. Information provided by Buyers and Suppliers is checked for accuracy. RFQs are also reviewed for accuracy and completeness before released.
Why is my company profile necessary on Fabricating.com?

When Buyers source for new Suppliers, the Supplier's profile is often a deciding factor to make the Buyer's short list. Likewise, when a Supplier is evaluating an RFQ, the Buyer's profile is a factor in their decision to provide a quotation for the job. A comprehensive company profile increases the likelihood of getting new business!
Do I have to pay to use Fabricating.com?

Buyers can use Fabricating.com for free. Suppliers may register, create a detailed profile, and review relevant RFQs for free. However, to provide quotations to Buyers, Suppliers must pay a membership free. Fees vary based on the type of membership. See our Pricing page for more details.
Is Fabricating.com a broker?

No. Fabricating.com is a sourcing platform connecting Buyers with potential Suppliers. When a bid is accepted by the Buyer and Supplier, they work together directly to accomplish the job. Fabricating.com does not take possession of, or payment for, the produced parts.
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