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The NEW Supplier Network
Fabricating.com is the new normal in sourcing! U.S. Buyers can build and manage their U.S. Supplier networks using the intelligent SourceNow platform. At Fabricating.com, you can submit one or multiple RFQs, upload engineering documentation, compare detailed Supplier profiles, and communicate with contract manufacturers-all from one centralized, secure location. No more lost productivity due to snail mail, back-and-forth delays, changes to specs, missing information, or piles of unqualified bids.
Boost Your Productivity

Supplier discovery is streamlined at Fabricating.com. Now is the time to ditch those paper-based processes, antiquated directories, and old school systems. Input your precise part requirements and find qualified contract manufacturers with the expertise and machine assets needed to get the job done. Buyers, Engineers and Purchasing Professionals will find a host of sourcing management tools and analytics to support any size purchasing department. Archived RFQs and historical data are always at your fingertips.

Repatriate your Manufacturing Work Today

From coast to coast, there are qualified U.S. Suppliers standing by at Fabricating.com with comprehensive, verified profiles for your due diligence. Using the SourceNow platform, you can communicate, collaborate and negotiate with one or many potential contract manufacturers ready for the next RFQ opportunity. Source on the road or from your office 24/7.

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No one helps Buyers of custom manufacturing parts find precise Supplier capabilities better than Fabricating.com
Start Now with SourceNow

At the Fabricating.com marketplace, you can start sourcing with a few easy steps. And best of all, you don’t need an IT staff to support this world class sourcing system. There are no software installations, backups, or other high-dollar maintenance costs. Create a single account for your organization with multiple users. The paperless sourcing process is fully controlled by you—send RFQs to many Suppliers or just a select few, and receive fully-completed bids.

Buyers always source for FREE at Fabricating.com. For a limited time, invite your current Suppliers to join Fabricating.com for FREE too!
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